About Me

Let me introduce myself.  I have been taking pictures for about a decade – although the first 5 years were quite amateurish.  I was learning.  I believe my photography has progressed along with my love of taking photos.

I have always been fascinated by images of nature and wildlife as seen on Nature, National Geographic, etc.  When I saw something I particularly liked, I added it to my mental list of things I would see one day.  Many of those days have come, and I’ve photographed them all.

I travel with my partner, Harold, in a 33foot motorhome.  Since we are both retired, we stay in a place until I’ve exhausted the photo ops, and then move on.  We go to the southwest in the early spring for the desert flowers, to the west coast for rugged beauty, to the mountains for great scenery, to national parks for wildlife.  We don’t go east, much.  We live in Arizona, about 100mi from the Grand Canyon and go there a couple times a year.

Seeing the beauty of nature is a great privilege, and I’ll continue to photograph ’til my giga-drives are all full!!

Margaret Summers[lg_gallery]


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hello friend,

    I took a little longer than I thought to write to you. We met on our flight to Houston a month ago. I hope your doing well and enjoyed your trip. I can’t write much but I will check out your website more when I get the chance.

    I made it to Iraq and am currently working at Mosul International Airport. It’s easy work and I am here with a good group of people. I might have to head over to Afghanistan in a few months. well see how that goes.

    I look forward to hearing from you and hope you take care


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