Bears, bears, bears

Here are the bears of Canada and Alaska in a short video.  The bears were so fun to watch, especially the cubbies. In June the black bears were eating dandelions along the road easements.  Then in August we watched the brown bears fishing in the rivers and along the shorelines.  Many hours were spent waiting for the action so I could get the photos.

Music by Tim Mielak (see link at right)


3 thoughts on “Bears, bears, bears

  1. Hi Megs, I enjoyed this site so much and Tim’s music!!! I love it. Tell him hi and that I am going to get his CD. Beth

  2. Those baby bears are especially cute. When they stand up they look like real live teddy bears. The coloring of some of these bears is different. Some of them look like they are getting grey hair?!?!

    I liked Tim’s music too. I’ll have to get Ross to listen to some of it. He plays guitar too but I’ve never heard any of what he does yet.

    • Yes, they were really fun to watch. One bear had 3 cubs, one had 2, and one had a single child. One of the 3-cub family was actually the best fisher-bear; probably didn’t want to wait for the others to be fed.

      You can download the music as MP3 from Amazon or iTunes. Just search for Tim Mielak.

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